Frog Prince

Where did I see it? I can’t remember but it says: before you meet your prince charming,you must kiss many frogs. Okay for some thats not true but for most that is very true. Even though ladies, we have to kiss many frogs before prince appears,let us be mindful of the ‘frogs’. Do u know that one of these ‘frogs’ could become ‘the prince’? Just like Beauty and the Beast, who would have thought the Beast was an handsome prince under a spell? Lol.

Seriously now,some ladies miss Mr. Right because they expect him to be in a shining armour and he appears but the armour isn’t shining(@ least not yet). This is one of the reasons, I don’t read mills and booms anymore because it is just an illusion but some people {ladies I mean} don’t know this, some of us are waiting for Him and he is there jumping and waving trying to catch our attention.

My God, he has to be handsome,tall,6 pack,bright smile,funny,slim,intelligent,have a car,money & fun loving,oh I almost forgot sexy & romantic. Wake up girl! This ain’t the movies,this is reality. There is nothing wrong with all these stuff but look beyond what u see outwardly and look inward.

Sometimes our prince may not have that much money but he’s has dreams and he is hard working. He may not be handsome,tall,slim n all that but he knows how to show care and you feel protected and comfortable around him and you feel loved. He may not even own an Okada but your friend’s BF is always buying her stuff,taking her on his ride & sometimes,you even escort and its all getting to you. Slow and Calm down.

Have you heard Fela Durotoye’s story? He married Tara when he wasn’t anything at least to world people,he stayed in a ‘one bedroom room’,nothing in his room but a mattress with a big hole in the middle,no plate or any form of luxury but Tara looked beyond all those stuff & saw a future and still married him,now look at them, Tara has a whole room for her wardrobe, Fela buys her a car every year, OMG! Imagine that she was looking out for a shining amour! She would have missed it. Haven’t you seen girls getting married, to guys who had it all & somewhere along the line,looses it all?

Before someone gets me wrong, I like shining amours too but it shouldn’t be all about it,there are better things to look out for than that.

I saw something going through a magazine and i thought i should share it since it kinda applies;

look out for a guy who squeezes your hand while you are out with friends,

who kisses you on your fore head,

who wants to show you to the world without makeup on,

who tells you, you are beautiful rather than look beautiful.

And I would add most importantly,has the fear of God.

So ladies while you wait for your Prince,take care of yourselves,eat right,exercise,always look your best & be nice, you’d never know  where he’d find you. Don’t settle for just any looser that comes along out of desperation.

Yes,Watch out for the ‘frogs’.